Hero's Puzzle Path

Hero's Puzzle Path 1.0

Help our hero carve a path to the opponent's cave in this action puzzler

Help our hero arrange a path from his home to the opponent's cave in this original action puzzler. Watch the board animate to life as you disarm troublesome tricks and traps.
- Standard game has 70 levels, Dominate 15, Frenzy and Builder are different every time

- Mixes brain power with quick moves for great fun

- Three levels of difficulty matches any player's skill

- Pick up and play for just a few minutes or a few hours - fits your busy lifestyle

- High-quality and professional design by veteran industry talent
Hero's Puzzle Path is a modern challenge inspired by dominoes and classic board games creating an experience that engages the mind and moves the hand. You and the entire family will come back to it time and time again for your daily dose of fun!

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